KW Investigations

Investigative reporting, freelance writing and paralegal services on contract.

Founded in January 2016, KW Investigations LLC is dedicated to the principle of an informed, empowered citizenry as the lifeblood of a healthy body politic.

We believe that advertising-funded journalism is no longer able to effectively hold power accountable to the people. We aim to fill that civic void with small-scale local investigative reporting: high-quality, on-deadline contract research and reporting for and about local government, politics, civic organizations and businesses.

Investigation Examples: Land Use Planning; Water System Planning; Food System Planning; Energy System Planning; Public Governance; Business Management; Nonprofit Management & Governance; Corruption; Fraud; Ethics Violations; Malfeasance; Abuse of Discretion; Breach of Fiduciary Obligations; Cults.

Lead Investigator Katherine Watt:  KWatt CV

Call 237-0996 or email to schedule a free half-hour consultation.

RESEARCH & REPORTING SERVICES – Packages start at $25/hr.

  • File Reviews
  • File Organization
  • Document Collection – Public records, Right-to-Know and FOIA research
  • Writing/Internal (governance documents, project updates for participants)
  • Writing/Public (newsletters; detailed press releases)
  • Basic Legal Research
  • Basic Financial Recordkeeping (Bookkeeping)
  • Basic Information Compilations: timelines, digests, etc.
  • Database Management
  • Editing


  • Information Analysis
  • Organizational Structure Analysis
  • Leadership Interviews
  • Leadership Skills Assessments
  • Governance Analysis
  • Option Development & Prioritization Recommendations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal-setting
  • Benchmark scheduling
  • Agenda-Drafting
  • Meeting Management
  • Meeting Reporting (Minutes)
  • Progress Assessments