Public Governance

2017 Centre Region Organizational Chart DRAFT

  • 1.13.17 Bailiwick News – Miscellaneous Updates. Zoning as a public tool to manage development. Regional park planning and public, debt-based financing. Lack of a cohesive regional identity. Harrisburg stalemate on updating PA Construction Code. Revising the CATA funding formula.
  • 3.1.17 Bailiwick News – Whitehall Road Regional Park as a case study revealing fault lines in regional governing structures.
  • 3.9.17 Bailiwick News – Whitehall Road Regional Park planning and financing as a case study in regional governance; COG General Forum-Fulton Bank loan extension history
  • 3.24.17 Bailiwick News – Committee-level design and funding discussions for Whitehall Road Regional Park.
  • 6.6.17 Bailiwick News – The battle for the ecological and political future of the Centre Region.