Energy Systems

Reporting and critical analysis of regional energy use, conservation and strategic planning.

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Reporting distributed via Voices of Central PA,  Centre Daily Times, and correspondence with public officials.

[Page under revision – KW 12.17.16]

11.13.14 Watt to PSU OPP:SI:BOT

10.27.14 Watt to PSU OPP:SI:BOT

10.23.14 Watt to Fogarty

9.8.14 Watt to SI, OPP, DEP, Borough

9.8.14 Watt to PSU Trustees

9.8.14 Watt EHB Appeal

8.13.14 Wiker Report on Columbia Gas Pipeline Controversy

8.4.14 Watt to PSU Trustees

7.8.14 PSU ESMP-in-Exile Draft

6.17.14 Watt Email to CITY-GREEN Officers

5.21.14 Nittany Energy Project Notes (Watt)

5.14.14 Stryker Appeal Rejection

5.14.14 Esposito Referral to RMAC

5.14.14 UP Nittany Energy Project Document List (Watt)

5.13.14 ESMP Appeal to Stryker (Watt)

5.11.14 Esposito Email

Citizen Proposal – Watt ESMP-in-Exile Working Draft (April 2014)

3.21.14 Watt Wiker Interview Report

3.11.14 Dahlhausen Wiker Interview Report

1.7.14 PSU Energy Junkie Email Thread

1.5.14 Watt Letter to Zaman

12.7.14 Watt to PSU OPP:SI:BOT

12.10.14 Watt to PSU OPP:SI:BOT

12.18.14 PSU Energy Strategy Update

1.11.15 PSU Energy Strategy Update

1.19.15 PSU Energy Strategy Update

HNMCP-PSU ReportHNMCP-PSU Appendices

1.29.15 PSU Energy Strategy Update

2.2.15 HNMCP-PSU Stakeholder ReportHNMCP Appendices

2.16.15 CommunityWise Comments on HNMCP Report

2.16.15 PSU Energy Strategy Update

2.18.15 CITY-GREEN Comments on HNMCP Report

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