Bailiwick News – Year 1

The print edition of Bailiwick News launched on September 2, 2016.

Here’s what was published between September 2016 and June 2017:

Slab Cabin Run water and farmland protection series

2017 Centre County District Attorney Race series

Centre Region Public Budgets series

To be continued in 2017

  • 9.23.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1. Tensions about cutting services, raising taxes, or both, likely to rise during 2017 budget cycle.
  • 12.9.16 Bailiwick News – Part 2. Municipal finance can-kickers running out of road.

Regional Planning and Municipal Zoning series

To be continued in 2017

  • 11.4.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1 of series on regional planning and municipal zoning as they relate to water, sewer, land use, housing development and population growth. Part 1 of intermittent series.

Standalone Reports

  • 9.2.16 Bailiwick News – Standalone report. Governing Board of Friends & Farmers Co-op facing key decisions at Annual Meeting. [Meeting held Saturday, November 5, at 4 p.m. at the State College Friends School.]
  • 10.7.16 Bailiwick News – Standalone report. Local governments need to strengthen and enforce water protections.
  • 1.13.17 Bailiwick News – Miscellaneous updates: zoning, finance, regional parks loan, regional identity, construction codes, property insurance, etc.

Continued strategic coverage priorities for 2017

  • Public Governance – Open public meetings, access to public documents, procedures for decision-making, including the Centre Region Council of Governments voluntary coordination organization and agencies.
  • Public Finance – State College and CRCOG budgets; existing and hoped-for revenue streams including tax hikes; cost containment options.
  • Water & Sewer Systems – State College Borough Water Authority and University Area Joint Sewer Authority, and other water and sewer systems: governance, budgets, rates, tapping fees, infrastructure needs, ecosystem impacts; special projects (i.e. Nixon-Kocher filtration plant construction; beneficial reuse project.)
  • Land Use Planning and Zoning; Housing & Commercial Development – Land use decision-making, at the planning end, and at the implementation end through zoning code adoption and enforcement. Conversion of farmland to student housing; effects on ecosystems and municipal revenue streams. Public subsidies for development. State College zoning code overhaul. Rental property oversight, code compliance, rental costs for renters, housing costs for homeowners.
  • Centre County Courts – Corruption, fraud, incompetence, 2017 District Attorney race.
  • Penn State Governance & Public Safety – Non-local PSU governance as a local public safety issue. Corruption, fraud, non-transparency, administrative bloat. Enrollment, disciplinary policies, and externalized costs of student supervision and public safety. Impacts of unpunished crime on law-abiding students and year-round residents. Police departments, emergency management, fire departments, student alcoholism, personal and property crimes. Penn State’s new push to host large stadium events beyond just the fall football weekends.

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