Climate Change Activist Gathering in Boalsburg – March 9

From Ed Perry – National Wildlife Federation Climate Change Campaign 

(Ed’s phone number (814-880-9593) and email.)


WHO:  Hunters, anglers, conservationists, outdoors people, and concerned citizens

WHAT:  A gathering of global warming activists committed to taking action on the  defining issue of our time

WHEN:  Monday, March 9, 2015.  7:00pm

WHERE:  Boalsburg Fire Hall, East Main Street, Boalsburg

SPEAKER: Ed Perry, Outreach Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation’s Global Warming Campaign

WHY:  Despite inaction by Congress, President Obama is moving forward on rules to restrict carbon pollution from cars and light trucks, and new and existing power plants.  His Clean Power Plan lays out the framework for also making home and business appliances more efficient and homes and businesses more energy efficient.  In short, he is doing all he can do. The question is:  What can we do to support him?

It appears the new Congress is poised to do all they can to thwart the president’s effort to implement his Clean Power Plan, and gut funding to EPA, so we will be on defense for at least the next two years.

But there is good news also. For the first time ever, 59 senators, including 5 Republicans, voted for Sen. Hoeven’s amendment stating that climate change is caused by humans – a number that may have been higher had it not been in danger of actually passing the required 60-vote bar.  And Senator Harry Reid was not there to cast the 60th vote.  So we are making progress.

I’ll discuss the president’s Clean Power Plan, some of the arguments against the plan that we can expect and how to counter them, and points we can make to our elected representatives that will help make a difference.

After the presentation, let’s discuss specific actions we can take, so bring your ideas and enthusiasm.

Feel free to bring your favorite beverage (beer, wine, soda, etc.) and some snack to share as we socialize and discuss our options.

Also, Postcard to Casey Re Clean Power Plan from Ed Perry:

Global warming activists – attached is a scanned image of post cards I am working to get signed and then delivered to Senator Casey. If any of you would like to help get some signed, please let me know and I’ll deliver them to you.


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