Dignity for Peasants

owl and turtleThis is the 1,000th post posted since I started Transition Centre County back in August 2010, which evolved into Spring Creek Homesteading in August 2011, which was joined by Energy Sovereignty in April 2013, which were then merged to form Steady State College.

I’m taking a two-week break from the blog – will return October 8 with a summary of that day’s newspaper edition.

I plan to spend some time playing with my printing press (making bookmarks and other small jobs) and some time pondering how to transform my frustration with Penn State’s large walk-talk gap into a constructive next step.

Through painful testing of the proposition, I’ve finally concluded that there is no power equality between the university as an institution and local residents in the aggregate as represented either by local government or by active, vocal civic organizations.

Rather, I now understand that the university’s administrative leaders function as an unaccountable modern-day feudal aristocracy.

Which leaves the surrounding population as the peasant class. If we can’t have parity in the decisions affecting our lives, is there a way to at least maintain our dignity?



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