Office of Community Activists

More info on the Office of Community Activists, introduced in the Sept. 10, 2014 edition of Steady State College.

What is the Office of Community Activists?

An informal network of Central PA people who work on strategic energy and carbon emissions issues; who inform, support and develop local civic and governmental responses to our energy and environmental predicaments; and who counterbalance the dominant political power of the Penn State Office of Physical Plant.

Who can join?

Membership/staff positions are open to any and all. No applications. No interviews. No dues.

Where are OCA offices located?

All over the place.

When does OCA meet?

No regular schedule. Impromptu only, ad hoc, as needed, when we feel like it, when Zeno’s is open and we can get beer, when Webster’s is open and we can get coffee…

What is the OCA mission?

It doesn’t have one. Individual staff members initiate and pursue their own projects – working together when useful and convenient. See below.

Does OCA have bylaws governing its activities, or an organizational structure?


Does OCA have a budget?

No. Just a pretend payroll.

How can I join?

  1. Self-identify.
  2. Share your own mission.
  3. Set your own pretend salary.


Katherine Watt – Founder & Chief Operating Agitator. Mission: Improve Central PA hunger and hypothermia resistance during non-optional/geophysically-mandatory transition to post-carbon steady-state economy. Pretend salary: $48,000 per year.

[Your Name Here] – [Your Job Title Here]. [Your Mission Here].  [Your pretend salary here].


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