Zucchini! School Garden to School Cafeteria

With a team of moms, I help coordinate the Easterly Parkway Elementary School Garden. We had a bumper crop of zucchini this year – more than the gardening families could eat.

I was THRILLED when Megan Schaper, SCASD Food Service Director, said we could bring the zucchini to the high school kitchens, to be grated and baked into zucchini bread for the kids to eat in the fall, and chopped and frozen for soups. So I delivered many pounds of schoolyard-grown produce to the high school kitchens, and Megan sent photos…

Thanks for the zucchini!  See the attached picture of Melissa Workman processing it for soup and zucchini bread.  We got five gallons of diced zucchini that we’ll add to soup in the fall and shredded enough for 300 servings of zucchini bread that we plan to bake and freeze on Monday, August 11. 

100_3677 zuchini 2 zucchini 2




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