Borough Sustainability Planning on Council Agenda – July 14

From Councilwoman Sarah Klinetob Lowe to CITY-GREEN supporters:

I just received Monday’s Borough Council agenda and have attached it for your review.  Item VII is to revisit Resolution 944 for the Borough.  Here is the full text:

“In 2007, the Borough of State College passed Resolution 944, declaring State College Borough as a Climate Protection Community. The Resolution included 16 municipal based goals and five community goals consistent with climate change mitigation strategies. In order to lead the community by example, over the next six years State College pursued a myriad of projects and programs with the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while being fiscally responsible. 

Many of the municipal based goals in Resolution 944 have been met or are nearing completion, while the community based goals have yet to be achieved. For this reason, there is a need to re-strategize and update the goals originally set forth in Resolution 944. Using what we have learned, recognizing the incredible advancements in technology, while gaining a better understanding of sustainability, the Sustainability Committee has developed another set of goals and objectives for the future. 

Alan Sam, the Borough’s Environmental Coordinator, will summarize the  Borough’s most recent achievements and introduce the idea of a new sustainability resolution which will help guide the Borough’s sustainability efforts over the next five years.”

PDF pages 7-26 provide the existing Resolution 944 and bullet point presentation for this Monday’s meeting.

My hope is that many of you would be able to attend, contribute, and enhance this important dialogue and trajectory for community and municipal sustainability goals, especially at these beginning stages.

Thanks for your interest, and hope to see you there Monday night at 7:30 p.m.!

KW Response:

I read the agenda packet. Is there more to the 2014-2019 Borough sustainability plan than “pocket parks?” And if some of us would like to draft a set of more substantive proposals to present to Council on Monday, what format would you recommend?

Attached is an excerpt from current edition of Steady State College – (7.10.14 ESMP-in-Exile Framework) including a starting framework for a community-built PSU Energy System Master Plan-in-Exile. I’d propose a parallel set of reduced-fossil fuel energy-access/economic contraction-based proposals for the Borough sustainability plan.


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