Updated PSU University Park Fuel Consumption Data

7.9.14 PSU UP Fuel Consumption 1997-2014

7.9.14 PSU UP Fuel Consumption Data 1997-2013

Explanatory Note:

After an earlier version of this table was posted at Steady State College on July 7, reader Dean Fenton commented:

What happened the last year? Are they selling electricity back? Did they buy less electricity? Are they using coal to generate electricity?

I forwarded Fenton’s questions to McKeague on July 8 via email, with a note:

I think part of the answer to Dean’s questions is that the East Campus Steam Plant gas-fueled (CHP) combined heat & power system came online in 2011 – quadrupling gas consumption, cutting back on coal consumption by 20,000 tons, and quadrupling on-campus electric generation (thus displacing some amount of grid-purchased electricity). If you’d like to respond more fully, I’m copying him on this message. 

Also, if you have similar data for 12/13 and 13/14 to update the chart – and a fifth column on grid-purchased electricity for 97/98 through 13/14, I’d be interested in seeing that data.

Shelley McKeague replied July 9:

Your answer to Dean is correct. The CT-HRSG at the ECSP came online in 2011. Fuel consumption follows steam load. With the CT-HRSG online, the ECSP produces a greater share of the steam needs, reducing steam production at the WCSP, which is primarily coal-based. 

To answer the rest of his questions:Penn State consumes all on-site power generation. We do not sell power.With the increased on-site generation, less electricity is purchased.At the WCSP, coal is used to generate steam in the boilers. This high pressure steam is then reduced via steam turbines to generate low pressure steam and electricity.

Requested information attached. I do not have 13/14 data yet.


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