Wiker Report – Interviewees – UPDATED

Excerpt from March 2014 Introductory Letter by Denice Wardrop, Sustainability Institute Director:

“…The West Campus Steam Plant natural gas conversion and accompanying pipeline installation have generated considerable controversy in our community. The Sustainability Institute, along with the entire university, is committed to establishing an open and transparent decision-making process for Penn State’s long-range energy-related planning and exploring the development of a University and local community energy plan.

The Sustainability Institute has engaged Alexander Wiker to work with the community at large to create a process for implementing these goals, utilizing the West Campus Steam Plant conversion process as a case study…He will be working with the Penn State Sustainability Institute and under the guidance of Lara Fowler, Senior Lecturer with Penn State Dickinson School of Law and a Research Fellow with the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment…

Alex and Lara will summarize the interviews and draft a synthesized report …The report will be made available to the public, and there will be additional public discussion of the findings…”

UPDATE FROM ALEX WIKER: 12:03 p.m., July 8 

“I would very much appreciate if you take down the list of interviewees from the Steady State College website.  As was evident from the content of my email, the information contained in this list is not accurate. Not only might this upset some people whose inaccurate personal information is now on your website, but also it is a disservice to your readers to provide inaccurate information. I am in the process of updating the list. When it is accurate and complete, it will be public information inside the completed report.” 

July 2014 List of Interviewees

(Provided in brief email update from Alex Wiker last week anticipating imminent public release of his final report.)

  1. Rob Cooper (Director, Energy and Engineering, Office of Physical Plant, PSU)
  2. Vincent Crespi (Professor, Physics/Materials Sciences and Engineering; Highlands Resident)
  3. Matthew Dahlhausen (Graduate Student, Architectural Engineering, PSU)
  4. Janet Engeman (Highlands Resident)
  5. Erik Foley-DeFiore (Director of Sustainability Planning and Operations, Sustainability Institute, PSU)
  6. Tom Fountaine (Manager, Borough of State College)
  7. James Freihaut (Professor, Architectural Engineering; Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, PSU)
  8. Elizabeth Goreham (Mayor, Borough of State College)
  9. David Gray (Senior Vice President, Finance and Business, PSU)
  10. Sarah Klinetob (Council Member, Borough of State College; Graduate Student, Architectural Engineering; former Sustainability Institute, PSU)
  11. Steve Maruszewski (Assistant Vice President, Office of Physical Plant, PSU)
  12. Peter Morris (Council Member, Borough of State College)
  13. Paul Moser (Superintendent, Steam Services, Office of Physical Plant, PSU; Highlands Resident)
  14. Alex Novak (Manager, Marketing and Communications, Office of Physical Plant; Sustainability Institute, PSU)
  15. Michael Rybacki (Community-based Engineer; Author, alternative energy plan)
  16. Pam Steckler (Community Activist; Local Resident)
  17. David Stone (Highlands Resident)
  18. Ford Stryker (Associate Vice President, Office of Physical Plant, PSU)
  19. Susan Venegoni (President, Highlands Civic Association; Highlands Resident)
  20. Denice Wardrop (Director, Sustainability Institute, PSU)
  21. Katherine Watt (Editor & Publisher, Steady State College)
  22. Mark Whitfield (Public Works Director, Borough of State College)
  23. Johan Zwart (Highlands Resident; President, ZW-Art)

One thought on “Wiker Report – Interviewees – UPDATED

  1. I would like to apologize to all of those whose information contained in this list is not accurate, as well as to all the readers of Steady State College. I have also kindly asked Ms. Watt to remove the list from this site. The reason for the email that Ms. Watt received was to solicit corrections to the names and credentials of interviewees on the list. The title of the email was “Assessing PSU’s Energy Future – PLEASE REVIEW YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION”, and the text was:

    Good news! Lara and I are working on finalizing the stakeholder assessment report. For now, please take a look at the complete interviewee list below, which will appear in the final report. Please notify me of any changes you would like to your name and/or description.

    Thank you for your contributions so far. When the report is finalized, we will notify you and release the report publicly. Feel free to contact me with any questions.”

    This context should be sufficient to allow any reader to understand the contents contained therein are not 100% correct. When the list is complete and accurate, it will be public information and contained in the final report. Until then, I’d be happy to answer any questions about the interviewee list or the report. My email address is ahw109@psu.edu.


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