Box 430 – The Quest for the Holy ESMooP Continues…


The Penn State Energy System Master Plan, produced by consulting firm Wiley & Wilson Associates, has been sought by community-based energy activists since March 2013. We want to read it and make the contents part of the public discussion about Centre County’s energy and economic present and future.

Turns out, the ESMP is being held captive in Box 430 of the Penn State University Archives, classified as “University-Restricted.”

Administrative Directive 35

Classification levels include “University Confidential” and “University Restricted.” Both of those categories are under the discretionary control of The Office of the President of the University; documents are closed to public inspection until the President’s office lifts the classification. A third, “University Official” category restricts access until 20 years after each document’s date of creation.

According to AD-35, requests for “confidential” records go through the Office of the President of the University, or the President’s designated representative. The gate-keeping organization controlling access to “restricted” and “official” documents is the University Archives/Records Management Advisory Committee. The Committee is chaired by VP for Administration Thomas Poole, the same VP who until July 2013 – controlled email information flow to Penn State trustees.

Committee Membership as of 2008:

  • Deborah Blythe (dzh2) – Physical Plant
  • Robyn Dyke (rdd3) – Records Manager
  • Shawnee Emeigh (txe2) – Human Resources
  • Jackie Esposito (jxe2) – University Archivist
  • Ken Forstmeier (kgf1) – Research and Graduate School
  • Brenda Hameister (bgh1) – Provost’s Office
  • Daniel Heist (dph3) – University Auditing
  • Bill Joyce (wlj2) – Head, Special Collections Library
  • Sally Kalin (skalin) – University Libraries Dean’s Office
  • Gary Langsdale (gwl3) – Risk Management
  • David Lindstrom (djl6) – Privacy Manager, Corporate Controller’s Office
  • Karen Schultz (kls2) – Registrar’s Office/Represented by Dona Oberheim (dko1)
  • Thomas Poole (tgp1) – President’s Office
  • Ron Rash (rhr) – Administrative Information Services
  • Martha Witherite (mvw6) – Inactive Records Center Manager
  • Rick Witmer (raw4) – Systems and Procedures
  • Susan Youtz (scy1) – Faculty Senate

More background in this article – “Electronic Records Management at Penn State: A Matryoshka Design,” by Jackie Esposito, showing the generic membership structure: representatives from President’s Office; Provost’s Office; Registrar’s Office; Human Resources; Computer and Information Systems (Information Technology Services); Systems and Procedures; Risk Management; Financial Auditing; Physical Plant; Research Grants and Contracts; University Archivist; Records Management; Business Services (Representative from Inactive Records Center Operations)

The e-Road to Box 430

Step 1 – Go to the Eberly Family Special Collections Library – University Archives

Step 2 – Go to the Special Collections Search Page 

Step 3 – Enter Document Number “06-31310.”

Step 4 – Click on “Office of Physical Plant 1889-2010 Bulk Records:” PSU Archives No 1219

Step 5 – In the lefthand Table of Contents, click on Series 3: Campus Planning and Design Division

Step 6 – Scroll down the list (roughly five-sixths of the way down) until you see “Box 430” in the righthand column. Look for “Energy System Master Plan – Wiley and Wilson Associates (06-31310), 2005-2008. Conditions Governing Access Note – Restricted: Yes.”

screenshot 1


Step 7 – To find the physical location of Box 430, scroll back up to the top and click on library catalog. Do a “Find on Page” for the search string “box430.” The item will be roughly three fifths of the way down the page.


screenshot 2



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