Mike Rybacki Launches CITY-GREEN: Community Renewable Energy Team

(From Mike Rybacki)

4.22.14 CITY-GREEN – Invitation to Participate

CITY-GREEN has two planned meetings coming up, Tuesday April 29 and Tuesday May 6, to discuss formation, approve bylaws, and nominate and vote for interim officers. Both meeting times are 7:00 -9:00 p.m. at Panera Bread, 148 S. Allen Street, State College.

4.22.14 CITY-GREEN Draft Bylaws

CITY-GREEN’s Mission

To promote energy conservation by assisting in the phase-out of the use of non-renewable energy and to strengthen the use of energy from renewable sources which includes, but is not limited to, photovoltaics and ground source heat pumps, so that Centre County would be energy independent, sustainable in its energy use, and a net exporter of energy derived from renewable sources.

 CITY GREEN’s Purpose

  • Promote a transition to energy independence for Centre County through the use of sustainable energy, that is, energy sources that are regenerative and non-depletable where the energy derived is the safest, cleanest, and longest-lasting option.
  • Advise and assist the Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) and the surrounding Centre County municipalities, in their transition to energy independence
  • Promote education concerning the affordability and long term savings associated with renewables over centralized non-renewable energy use
  • Provide an open, completely transparent participation forum that welcomes all people from all backgrounds who live in Centre County

4.22.14 Centre Region Energy Efficiency Plan – Draft

“…This plan is a comprehensive approach to energy conservation in the Pennsylvania mid state area geographically defined by Centre County and its contiguous counties. The ideas and information are presented to the public for comment and review.

Material from this paper may be adapted by the Centre Region Council of Governments for its participation in the Georgetown University’s $5 million Energy Prize Competition; for this reason, the subjects covered closely match the format of the Competition. Necessary material can be formatted for use in its advancement through the Application, Quarterfinals, Semifinalist, Finalist, and winners circle stages of the Competition…”

Editor’s Note:

The State College Energy Sovereignty Task Force website is now CITY-GREEN‘s website. Archived documents related to Penn State and Centre Region energy planning will remain available there, plus news about CITY-GREEN’s development.


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