Reinvention Fund Grant Projects Announced

Press release issued last Friday.


  • The Reinvention Fund awarded more than $875,000 during the 2013-2014 cycle. Faculty/staff projects received $773,485 and student projects received $102,884.

Faculty/Staff Projects

  • $75,000 to replace gas-powered OPP staff vehicles with 100% electric vehicles, and use PV solar to offset usage, University Park.
  • $74,305 to promote walking and biking, University Park
  • $56,250 to build a “solar garden” community photovoltaic project, University Park
  • $55,000 for “Scholarship, Sustainability and Civic Engagement: Fostering Long Term Partnerships for Community Change,” University Park
  • $52,571.20 to establish a “living lab for sustainability,” Schuykill campus
  • $52,500 to build an educational permaculture garden at the MorningStar solar home, University Park.
  • $49,500 to look at climate change and conflict management, University Park
  • $37,500 to promote the Reinvention Fund and the living laboratory model through multimedia projects, University Park
  • $37,500 to improve the sustainability of large sporting events at Beaver Stadium and other University Park athletic facilities.
  • $37,125 to promote the Center for Sustainability, University Park
  • $35,600 to create a digital learning program in South Africa
  • $22,500 to promote clean water, University Park
  • $18,880 to use photography to generate student interest in Marcellus gas and other resource issues, University Park
  • $15,090 to promote sustainability in Recreation, Parks & Tourism program, University Park
  • $15,000 to divert discarded items from landfills, Penn State Harrisburg
  • $15,000 to create a “sustainable business learning factory,” Great Valley
  • $14,270 to help students understand how daily personal choices affect personal carbon footprint, University Park
  • $12,333 to expand use of biological pest control in campus greenhouses, reducing pesticide, University Park
  • $11,315 to improve recycling and food waste composting, New Kensington
  • $6,246 to implement medical waste reduction through increased recycling efforts at University Park and five other commonwealth campuses with nursing programs
  • $5,000 to rework the “Discovery Semester” program at Shaver’s Creek

Student Projects

  • $15,000 to install a pollinator garden at the community garden, University Park
  • $12,950 to promote the Living Filter, University Park.
  • $12,730 to install a passively rotating, soilless living aquaponics wall inside the Co-Space in the Borough Building in State College, University Park
  • $12,500 to build a greenhouse and garden, Abington
  • $11,450 to create a crop mobbing program so Penn State students can spend a day working on local, sustainable farms, University Park
  • $10,506 to increase local food purchasing and consumption in University Park dining halls and restaurants.
  • $9,375 to replace paper towels with Dyson electric hand dryers in the restrooms of the LEED-certified Gaige Building, Berks
  • $8,688 to design and build a portable wind energy generation system, including market research and financial analysis, part of DOE’s Collegiate Wind Competition, University Park
  • $4,950 to establish a program distributing affordable greenhouses in Cameroon, University Park
  • $4,180 to hire an organic waste-removal company collect and compost food waste from Erie area restaurants, and provide the compost to local farms, Behrend.
  • $555 to create an on-campus food pantry for low-income students, University Park.



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