January 3 DEP Review – Document Batch #2

Again, thank you to David Stone for scanning and emailing these documents.

An interesting article…

Wonders yet to come: A sound basis for energy policy? by Kurt Cobb

“Last week when I laid out seven misconceptions about energy shared by the public and policymakers, the pushback I received had little to do with the actual data I used to demonstrate my point. This is probably because the data are from official public sources and available to anyone with an Internet connection to inspect and verify. Most of the pushback bore the sentiment, ‘Well, you are right about the data. But, just you wait. There are big things that are going to happen in the future with (fill in your favorite fossil fuel) because of (fill in your favorite technology and/or name of supposedly large fossil fuel deposit).’

This is what I refer to as the ‘wonders-yet-to-come argument.’ It’s an argument that ought to be familiar (and tiresome) to most everyone…”

See, for context, Rob Cooper reply to audience question, “Our Energy Future,” September 12, 2013:

What if those “breakthrough” technologies don’t happen? What is plan B?

“We have confidence in mankind’s ingenuity to create these ‘breakthrough’ technologies to help us address our energy future.”


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