Reinvention Fund Proposals

Most of the faculty-led Reinvention Fund preliminary proposals submitted last month. My understanding is that roughly 40 of these proposals have moved on to the second round and the applicants are preparing to submit additional information by December 20. I also recently learned that the Student Sustainability Advisory Council may be involved in reviewing and ranking the proposals as part of the fund disbursal decision-making process.

  1. A Chance to Create Physical and Virtual Learning Environments Focused on China’s Vanishing Water Supply, Desertification, and Sustainable Solutions (Jacqueline S. McLaughlin)
  2. A Regional Expansion of the Consortium for Sustainable Business Development Project (Barrie Litzky)
  3. A Step towards Sustainable Manufacturing: Identification of Product and Process Environmental Improvements in the Penn State Harrisburg Engineering Lab Building (Rick Ciocci)
  4. A Sustainable Energy Efficient Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Living Lab in an Urban Setting (Eric W. Stein)
  5. Addressing greenhouse gas emissions, food waste and regional economics through an assessment of the food loss diversion potential of Pennsylvania fruit and vegetable growers. (Joshua D. Lambert)
  6. An immersive and multi-disciplinary experience in sustainable energy systems (James A. Nemes, D.Sc.)
  7. An Integrated, Real-Time Data Web Application-Based User Interface for the MorningStar Solar Home (Heather Sustersic)
  8. Assessing Ecoliteracy within the Penn State Community (Debra Straussfogel)
  9. Bicycle Share/Rental Program (Tom Swartchick)
  10. Building a Sustainable Model for Penn State Engaged Scholarship (Deno De Ciantis)
  11. Building Capacity for Community Based Health Research: Establishing Community Research Coalitions (Janice Penrod)
  12. Building sustainable communities through the digital global classroom (Erica A.H. Smithwick)
  13. Campus Organic Farm  (Jason Zubler)
  14. Careers in Sustainable Development and  Social Innovation for STEM Professionals (Khanjan Mehta)
  15. Center for Sustainability Communication (Denise Bortree)
  16. Challenges to sustainable shale gas development: Place-based education to enhance understanding of challenges & trade-offs (Margaret Brittingham)
  17. Climate Change + Conflict Management (Lara Fowler)
  18. Combining Solar Power and Farming on the Same Land Area:  Research Project and Program Enhancement (Eric W. Stein)
  19. Community Solar on State: a Living Laboratory Framework for Outreach, Education, and Research (Jeffrey Brownson)
  20. Creating the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Divergent Thinking (Karen Roland)
  21. Design and Construction of a Renewable Energy Mobile Exploration Laboratory (REMEL) (Joseph Ranalli)
  22. Development of a Student-Centered Penn State Sustainability Metric – The PawPrint (Andy Lau)
  23. Development of an immersive, student-centered sustainable manufacturing laboratory at Penn State (Soundar Kumara, Christopher Saldana)
  24. Development of sustainable social network and social marketing resources for promoting university-based activity transportation (Melissa Bopp)
  25. Educating for Sustainability Academic Class Design and Delivery (Mark McLaughlin)
  26. Enhancing educational opportunities in biological pest control and reducing pesticide application to improve sustainability (Scott DiLoreto)
  27. Enhancing the Hands-on Student Project Experience in Wind Energy at Penn State (Dennis K. McLaughlin)
  28. EPICS: Penn State Schuylkill as a Living Laboratory for Sustainability (Stephen R. Couch)
  29. Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the North American Context (Christopher “Cole” Hons)
  30. Facilitating place-based explorations with mobile computers to support sustainability education (Heather Toomey Zimmerman)
  31. Fostering Sustainable Manufacturing Using Next Generation Approaches to Learning (Denise Bechdel)
  32. Geospatial Problem Solving for a Sustainable Energy Future: A New Research-Driven Capstone Course for Distance and Resident Education (Kirby Calvert)
  33. Greener Game-days: making Penn State Athletics events more sustainable (Judd Michael)
  34. Increasing the Sustainable Health Impact of Evidence-based Prevention Programs Through the Employment of Design Thinking Methods (Meg Small)
  35. Information Security Energy Efficiency Assessment (Meghan Hoskins)
  36. Infusing Concepts of Sustainability throughout the Curriculum of Recreation Park and Tourism Management (RPTM) (Peter Newman)
  37. Initiating Penn State’s Sustainable Student Centered Farm and Food Systems Curriculum (David A. Mortensen)
  38. Integration of biodiesel and solar powered electric vehicle charging trailer for remote venues (Joel Anstrom)
  39. Knowledge Conservation in Software-intensive Systems (Steven R. Haynes)
  40. Leadership for the Collaboration Age (Christopher “Cole” Hons)
  41. Learning Together: Sustainability and Penn State’s Living Laboratory (Elaine Brzycki)
  42. Making Telecommuting Work (Sumita Raghuram)
  43. Measuring Penn State’s Hydraulic Footprint Associated with Energy Use (David Yoxtheimer)
  44. Morningstar Permaculture Learning Centre (Jackie Bonomo/Peter Aeschbacher)
  45. New course on “Mapping Energy, Economic, and Climate Data Using GIS” (Cynthia A. Brewer)
  46. Penn State as Living, Learning Laboratory for all Ages (Matthew Kaplan)
  47. Penn State Behrend Sustainability and Incentive Fund Coordination (Ann Quinn)
  48. Penn State Energy Task Force and Review of Natural Gas Pipeline Process (Lara Fowler)
  49. Reframing the Business-Society Relationship (Barrie Litzky)
  50. Revival of the Penn State Wind Working Group: Wind Energy Outreach within the Penn State Community (Susan Stewart)
  51. Scholarship, Sustainability and Civic Engagement: Fostering Long Term Partnerships for Community Change (Timothy W. Kelsey)
  52. Shaver’s Creek Discovery Semester – Reinvented! (Mark McLaughlin)
  53. Shedding light on STEM: Chromosome Conservatory (Dr Sairam Rudrabhatla)
  54. Staff Fleet EV Operation with Solar Offset (Stephen E. Oskin, PE)
  55. Statewide Implementation of promoting Healthy People/Healthy Environments Through Medical Waste Reduction Strategies in Clinical Nursing Simulation Laboratories (Darlene Clark)
  56. Stone Valley Shaver’s Creek ReInvented! (Mark McLaughlin)
  57. Storied Images: Marcellus Shale (Steven Rubin)
  58. Student Affairs Sustainability Certificate Video Series (Christopher “Cole” Hons)
  59. Sustainability Certification Program for Housing Professionals (Heather Sustersic)
  60. Sustainability Leadership in Elementary Education (Kathy Fadigan)
  61. Sustainability Program Coordinator Certificate Program (Jane Ashton, Director Continuing Education)
  62. Sustainable Watersheds Program (Matt Royer)
  63. Tablet Enabled Classrooms: Adopting Paperless at Penn State (TEC: APPS) (Amanda Thomas, Julie Schappe, Carol McQuiggan, Tim Lengel)
  64. The Brick Pile: A Garden of Reclamation, Rehabilitation & Remembrance (James Kalsbeek)
  65. The Caribbean Basin Network (CBN): Sustainable Systems Research (Nicole Webster)
  66. The Everyday Practice of Food Consumption and Waste Reduction (Ruth Ann Herstek)
  67. The Green Commuter: Overcoming Technological and Psychological Barriers to the Adoption of Light Electric Vehicles (Joseph Cusumano)
  68. The Living Ages Lab (Amy Lorek)
  69. The Penn State Explorer: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Sustainability through Enabling the Penn State University Living Lab Ideal (Maurie Caitlin Kelly)
  70. The Penn State Greater Allegheny (PSUGA) Living Energy Laboratory (Alandra Kahl, Eric Lipsky, Bob Walters)
  71. Towards Achieving a Sustainable Future for the PA Wind for Schools Program (Susan Stewart)
  72. Trickle-Up Innovations in Agriculture and Healthcare (Khanjan Mehta)
  73. Using Campus-produced Vermicompost as a Landscape Fertilizer (Brian Phiel)
  74. Using Fish to Develop Antimicrobial Agents (Jay R. Stauffer)
  75. Using Renewable Energy Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption and to Create a Culture of Campus and Community Sustainability (Walter Fullam)
  76. Virtual Reuse Marketplace for Salvaged Goods (Robert J. Bylone, Jr.)
  77. Website Enhancements for Interactive Learning, Alternative Fuel Database Searching, and Crowd Funding Portal for the 21st Century (Joel Anstrom)

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