December 10 – Friends & Farmers Cooperative Meet & Greet at Whiskers

November News from Friends and Farmers Cooperative:

Meet & Greet with Friends & Farmers

Tuesday, December 10, 6-8 p.m. at Whiskers – Chef Andrew Monk is doing great things with local food and has launched a “Grand Experiment” at the Nittany Lion Inn. He will be whipping up appetizers  prepared with local ingredients and a cash bar will open. Come and mingle with other community members, farmers, business owners and friends. F &F Cooperative board members and volunteers will be there to answer questions and share our upcoming plans. Space is limited so please RSVP HERE

Study Says… We are Feasible!

We have just received long awaited news from the Keystone Development Center informing us that Friends & Farmers’ plan to open a store is feasible. The detailed study supports that we can be a successful, member-owned grocery operation. These positive findings have given us the green light to move ahead with the cooperative’s plans to launch our membership campaign in early 2014. It won’t be long until we finalize our membership program and are ready to enroll cooperative member-owners. The funds from our upcoming fundraisers and campaigns will go towards financing a marketing study – the next key step in the process, bringing us closer to opening day.

Our volunteer group is growing – get involved!

On Wednesday, November 20th, we hosted a successful volunteer meeting at Webster’s Cafe and Bookstore, bringing close to twenty new faces to the table. We are so thankful for the new energy, insight and enthusiasm of these community members who have come forward to help in the ways of web development, event planning, outreach, membership program preparation and local foods research. If you are interested in getting involved, contact with “volunteer” in the heading. We are especially looking for folks to join our membership committee. If you like talking to people about local food and how they can support their community, this could be a great fit for you! We also need writers to contribute to our blog.  A special thank you to Katherine Watt, founder of Spring Creek Homesteading and Steady State College who has joined our board of directors as treasurer. We are so happy to have her expertise in our organization.

Inaugural Garlic Planting “Crop Mob” Success!

On October 19, Friends & Farmers board members and volunteers, along with PSU students, planted 9,000 cloves of garlic in just under 2.5 hours at Jade Family Farm.  Jim Eisenstein, F&F board member and local food advocate extraordinaire, coordinated the effort. To read more about Jim’s Local Food Fantasy, go to our blog and visit Tales from an Unpaid Fieldhand.

Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate our Local Bounty.

Friends & Farmers wishes you and yours a holiday filled with food, family and the spirit of gratitude. Still looking for a side dish for the big day? Or a creative way to enjoy leftovers? WPSU Local Food Journey can provide some inspiration.


Friends & Farmers Board of Directors


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