DEP Issues General Operating Permit to PSU; No Decision Yet on WCSP

Highlights from the CRD (emphasis added):

  • “…The West Campus Steam Plant Conversion Project is a proposed project which is the subject of plan approval 14-00003F which is under review by the Department and is not part of this Title V Operating Permit renewal. The facility’s proposed operating permit authorizes the continued operation of the existing sources at the University Park Campus. The operating permit does not authorize the construction of any new sources at the facility or the modification of any existing sources…”
  • “…The Department acknowledges that due to the upcoming compliance date for the boiler MACT rule, Penn State may not continue to operate its West Campus Steam Plant in its current state for the full 5-year duration of the operating permit. Therefore, the Title V Operating Permit requires that Penn State submit a complete plan detailing how compliance will be achieved within 6 months of the compliance date of January 31, 2016. The Title V Operating Permit renewal has not precluded any appropriate methods of compliance, which may include the installation of additional control devices, conversion of the plant to operate on natural gas, or permanent retirement of the sources…”
  • “…Any energy efficiency improvements at the university which may result in reduced utilization of the facility’s boilers, other than direct modifications to the boilers themselves, do not require plan approval from the Department’s air quality program…”
  • “The Title V Operating Permit renewal has not precluded Penn State from utilizing heat pumps or geothermal systems to meet the University Park Campus’ heating needs…”

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