New Energy Savings Fund for OPP (Check Box Marked “Other”)

Just got an email from David Lieb, PSU Associate Vice President for Development, in response to my November 5 proposal – Generation X Penn Staters Energy Conservation Fund.


Dear Ms. Watt:

Thank you for this thoughtful and detailed proposal to create a fund for facility retrofitting at Penn State. As you suggest, a responsible sustainability plan means pursuing strategies to minimize energy use even as the University shifts to alternative energy sources, and we welcome your support for these efforts. Following your suggestion, we have created an Energy Savings Fund within the Office of Physical Plant budget to cover precisely the kind of retrofitting costs you describe in your email. Gifts of support can be directed to this fund by visiting Penn State’s “Giving to Penn State” web site and indicating their support of the “Energy Savings Fund OPP” fund in the box marked “other.”

We believe that many Penn Staters across many generations share your commitment to creating a more sustainable University, and so we do not wish to restrict the ability to support the Energy Savings Fund by donor age or any other criteria. We also do not wish to restrict the fund’s use to a pre-determined list of facilities. OPP’s staff are constantly evaluating energy use across the University, and the current flexibility of the Energy Savings Fund allows them to direct resources to areas of most urgent need.

We hope that you will consider a gift to the Energy Savings Fund…

Thank you and best wishes.


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