Urgent Need for Organic Farmers

Mark Maloney, owner of Greenmoore Gardens, writes:

I have a 64-acre farm tract directly across from Greenmoore Gardens Organic Farm. This land is one year into transition to organic production. Just recently, a local farmer who was farming the land under a lease arrangement decided that he does not want to pursue organic production on this land.

Therefore, I am looking for anyone who can offer any knowledge, time, or farming equipment to assist me in growing organic crops on this land this season as soon as possible. I will put the land into the deal for $1.00. Everything else is negotiable. I can’t leave it fallow. I would like to do winter wheat on part of the land this fall. What we grow now, whether it be a cover crop or a food crop, or combination, etc. is open for discussion.

Let me know if you have anyone in mind or can forward this email to someone else who can help.

Ultimately, I hope to grow crops on this land for PSU, Mount Nittany Medical Center, and the State College Area School district (for their Farm to School Program).


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